• 2018-02-02 | FMEA allignment of AIAG & VDA

    New AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook Draft Available for Review and Comments

    Currently suppliers providing products to both german and N.A. 'OEMs are reqiured to access their products failure mode and failure effects differently - based on differences beetwen the Severity, Occurancy and Detection rating tables in VDA and AIAG FMEA Manuals.

    This causing confusion and complexity for the suppliers.

    A common set of FMEA will be enable suppliers to have a single FMEA business process to produce robust, accurate and complate FMEA's that would meet the needs and expectations of any of their customers

    Expected main changes:

    6 step process - New, harmonised ranking tables - New formular - changes in action priority

    Source, further info: http://blog.aiag.org/new-aiag-vda-fmea-handbook-draft-available-for-review-and-comments